From the Pacific Northwest where I had the blessing of growing up around tress, business owners and forced camping adventures. I'm not a happy camper but do enjoy the outdoors by bicycle. 

Started my undergrad at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland Oregon, where I quickly realized I could do art all day, but needed more skills to survive. I transferred to Portland State University to study business. When I was ready to claw my eyes out I spoke to the right person who led me to graphic design as a profession. In 2011 I received my Bachelors in Graphic Design.

In April 2012 I interviewed at a small internet startup called BuzzFeed in New York City. Yeah NEW YORK CITY! And now I live here? Well In Brooklyn which is really just another Portland Oregon for me :)   

I love Design and have a passion for typography, and making things with my hands. I love the history attached to the typefaces we use, and the act of hand lettering them in my work everyday. Although my trade is graphic arts, I push myself to get my hands dirty, like with paint, or whatever, to keep a hand quality to my work. 

When I'm not working on internet graphics, I'm making ART in the forms of giant dot drawings, drawing the date everyday, slow motion flower series where I get people to tear up flowers (you should try it really, it feels great), Vining, on Tumblr, being the weirdo on the train drawing, and yoga :)